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I just tried Jennifer Aniston’s ab workout — and it’s surprisingly simple

As a fitness editor, there’s nothing I love more than delving into the workout routines of Hollywood’s most famous faces, and when it comes to Jennifer Aniston, I’m somewhat obsessed. I’ve tried her go-to workout class, as well as her 15-15-15 cardio workout, but I’m yet to find out how the Friends star prefers to work her abs. 

Luckily for me, her personal trainer revealed it all in an interview with Pop Sugar (opens in new tab). Leyon Azubuike (opens in new tab), AFAA-certified, and founder of Gloveworx (opens in new tab), a boxing studio with gyms in New York and Los Angeles, shared the star’s go-to ab moves for a strong and sculpted core. To find out more, I unrolled my yoga mat and gave the routine a go — read on to find out what happened. 

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